What can I do as a caregiver?

Caregiving can be demanding. You may need to take time off work, or put plans on hold to take on new responsibilities. Some common ones include:

Remember to take care of yourself too. This may include taking time to rest and de-stress, keeping up with your own health, and finding the support you need.

How can I help prepare for CAR T?

CAR T-cell therapy is given by highly-trained healthcare teams at specialized medical centers. Preparing for CAR T begins well before a patient arrives at the medical center. This can help manage stressors during the CAR T-cell treatment process.

Before CAR T

Before meeting your CAR T team, you may need to help with getting a referral and planning ahead, including:

  • asking about or doing research on CAR T
  • making plans for a full-time caregiver (or caregivers) for several weeks after the CAR T infusion
  • organizing travel and a place to stay near the CAR T medical center
  • finding out more about health insurance coverage
  • lining up support for CAR T (financial, caregiving, etc.)

During CAR T

The CAR T treatment process has many steps, and every CAR T team works a bit differently. Your CAR T team will tell you more when you meet them at the medical center. Some responsibilities might include:

  • helping the patient with any transportation as they cannot drive for at least 8 weeks after receiving CAR T
  • accompanying and taking care of the patient throughout CAR T treatment
  • looking out for symptoms after CAR T and alerting the healthcare team
  • helping with medication management
  • acting on the patient's behalf if they’re unable to

Caregivers do not need to be a nurse. You can also share caregiving responsibilities with someone else. Ask your CAR T treatment team if you can take a break while the patient is at the CAR T medical center.